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From our family to yours

Helping families go solar is at the heart of what we do.  We strive to make solar simple, accessible and affordable for all.  We are dedicated to designing and building the highest performing solar systems, utilizing the leading tools the industry has to offer,  and making sure you are getting the best system for your needs.  At the end of the day, we want your solar installation to be a clear, informative and positive experience.


Residental Solar Installation
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Power for the People!



Solar is a simple and direct path to an outstanding investment that not only offers immediate daily savings and value but is an incredible asset that increases your homes value and outperforms most standard investments.  You can have a solar system up and generating power and income in as quickly as a month, and then for the next 30 years!

A well sized system usually pays for itself in about five years and then just keeps on giving.  We offer some amazing financing options and our terrific finance partners make it super simple, fast and easy to qualify and get solar powered.  Great financing paired with the 30% tax credit, means that your payments are less than your utility bills and once paid off, your energy is free for the life of your system.  This makes solar a simple, smart choice. 

The price of electricity will always go up, averaging 3-6% per year, but your solar never will.  It is an investment in you and your family, but also in your community, our planet, and our future. Solar is pretty awesome and we want everyone to benefit from the generosity of the sun!


The reason we get so excited about energy independence for our customers is because energy Independence means you control your energy productions and costs and that means more freedom for you and your family. 


With the average solar system, that means 30 years of freedom.   All the money you were sending to the utility company you can now dedicate to the important stuff, you and your family.  Now that's exciting! 

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Choosing local  means you are directly supporting your neighbors, your schools and infrastructure, and the overall success of our community. 


Choosing Vital means your solar dollars continue to roll forward to support local as we work hard to source your project materials, equipment and support services from local businesses, suppliers, manufacturers, organizations and other vendors whenever possible.  We also believe in a fair and living wage for our people and support local charitable organizations for those less fortunate in our community.  All while keeping your system affordable.  This means your dollar goes a long way with Vital.


As a full-service solar installer and licensed electrical contractor, we bring the skill, expertise and certifications needed to manage all aspects of your project under one roof. This includes in-depth energy analysis, system design and engineering, permitting, installation, and utility interconnection.  As a licensed electrical contractor, we  are also able to handle any electrical services or upgrades necessary to get your system up and performing, on track and on time.  

Vital Energy Solar will manage your project with a focus on great service to make sure that your project is not only completed to the highest of standards but is also a stress-free, positive experience.  

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  • Great FinancingWide variety of financing options, with terms from 6 months to 20 years.  Approval within 5 minutes!  No interest or payments for up to 18 months! 

  • Exceptional Design & Installation at Affordable Rates:  We bring our extensive experience and expertise into the design and installation of every residential solar system.

  • Tier-1 Equipment & Warranties:  We use only the best, Bloomberg Tier-1, equipment and materials.  We strive to source locally and sustainably whenever possible.  

  • Outstanding Service:  We value communication and transparency and provide ongoing updates and information so you are aware and informed throughout your project.  

  • Smart Technology:  We  utilize cutting edge energy analysis, design, and project management systems, tools, and software to make your project is well built and well managed.  

  • Guaranteed & Warrantied:   We stand behind our work, including up to 25-year equipment and workmanship warranties. 

  • Lifetime Monitoring & Support:  We provide ongoing monitoring and support for the life of your system.


"There is a deep interconnectedness of all life on earth, from the tiniest organisms, to the largest ecosystems,

and absolutely between each person."  - Bryant H. McGill

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